The outdoor brand TATONKA was created and registered globally in 1993. Shortly after that, in 1994, the family-run business Mountain Sport GmbH, founded in 1980, was renamed Tatonka GmbH. We are the only outdoor manufacturer to fabricate all of our own products ourselves in a fully transparent manner – for over 30 years now.

In the language of the Sioux, TATONKA means bison. The idea for our brand name comes from the ever-popular film “Dances with Wolves”. For Native Americans, the bison is still a holy animal. For us it is a symbol of nature, freedom, wilderness and strength. But it also stands for much more. It is a herd animal with determination and a will of its own. As an outdoor brand, these are characteristics that we truly identify with.

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TATONKA Hike Pack 27 litre in Lime colour
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