STIMEX Camp Flush Pink Top Tank Toilet Deodoriser 2.5 litres

12th September 2023
Order Code STCF

The STIMEX® CAMP FLUSH is an environmentally sound refreshing toilet liquid, especially designed for the flush tank of the chemical toilet. With its unique composition of STIMEX® CAMP FLUSH unpleasant odors and bacteria are broken down and a pleasant scent remains. STIMEX® CAMP FLUSH helps prevent scaling and leaves a protective layer behind in the chemical toilet, so that faeces attach to the toilet less easily, which increases hygiene. STIMEX® CAMP FLUSH is biodegradable and can be used in all chemical toilets

  • Environmental sound refreshing toilet liquid
  • Specially designed for flush tank of chemical toilet
  • Effectively breaks down unpleasant odors and bacteria, leaving pleasant scent
  • Helps prevent scaling and provides protective layer in toilet to reduce ability of faeces to attach less easily, improving hygiene
  • Biodegradable and can be used in all chemical toilets.


For best effect first deposit approx 80ml Camp Flush per 15 litres of water in the water tank.  Afterwards fill the tank will clean water, so the Camp Flush is absorbed by the flush water.  For best results always use Camp Flush in combination with Camp Blue for the waste tank.