AUSTRALIS Sit On Top Kayak Back Rest

23rd December 2023
Brand Australis
AUSTRALIS  Sit On Top Kayak Back Rest.  The deluxe Australis padded back-rest makes your paddling experience more enjoyable by making it more comfortable. 
The padding under the seat gives a little bit of cushioning when paddling for extended periods of time, whilst the high backrest cradles and supports the lower to mid back.
Because the backrest attaches in 4 positions it can be fully adjusted from both the front and back so that it acheives the most comfortable position for each paddler.  
The clips attach securely to the back-rest bars moulded into the sit-on kayak. 
All straps have re-inforced stitching and there are structural poles to assist that backrest to maintain shape. 
The Australis Backrest can also be fitted to the Bushranger & Swagman Canoe and to Australis Sit-in Kayaks with the addition of Stainless Steel fittings.
To prolong the life of your backrest:
Unclip from the kayak
Rinse in clean water 
Hang to dry
Store away from sunlight
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