ALTEGRA Sand Leg Weight

20th October 2023
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Altegra Sandbag Leg Weight Fill with 12-15kg of sand (not included).

Additional charge for freight:  Flat fee charged of $25.00 for 1 to 6 leg weights.

Sandbag weights are the more portable gazebo anchoring solution to our 20kg steel leg weight. A simple weighting solution that packs between 12kg and 15kg of sand into two large nylon pouches. Large industrial-grade zips seal the gazebo sandbag and heavy-duty velcro enclosures wrap around the sandbag and your gazebo leg for a reliable embrace. As an added precaution, your gazebo sandbag weight can be pegged to the ground, making for a safe and integral gazebo when gusts try to take hold.

Sandbags are sold flat-packed, without sand. BYO sand, bolts, gold… whatever medium you prefer to use to help anchor your gazebo safely to the ground.


– Heavy-duty nylon.
– Industrial zips.
– 2x Heavy-duty velcro straps to wrap around gazebo leg.
– Peg tab with eyelet to peg to ground or footplate.
– Upper thumb tab/loop to assist with easy carrying.
– Flat packs for storage.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 3 cm