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Replacement Zipper Slider

Replacement Zipper Slider

21st April 2018

Replace your zipper slider without any tools.  Works on 90% of metal or plastic teeth or coil zippers.  Three sizes to choose from.

SMALL:  Teeth & Coil Zippers 0-4, (1.0 - 4/5mm)

pants, jeans, evening wear, coin purses, cosmetic bags, wallets, interior net windows boat cushion

MEDIUM: Teeth & Coil Zippers 5-8 (5.0 - 7.5mm)

jeans, jackets, vest, hoodies, shoes, boot, day packs, duffels, computer bags, purses, golf bags, sleeping bags, door, windows, floatation devices

LARGE: Teeth & Coil Zippers 8-10 (8.0 - 10.0mm)

coveralls, work jackets, equipment bags, heavy duty sleeping bags, RV awnings, greenhouse, event tents, canvas tents, wetsuits, rafts, sail covers, car covers, jeep windows

  • Made in USA
  • Colour: Silver