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OZPIG Vented Door

OZPIG Vented Door
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13th August 2019

 The OZPIG Vented Door completely closes the opening of the OZPig whilst providing a balance of ventilation to maintain a good fire base.

For the ultimate in safety, the vented door puts you in control. With its swivel baffle design, the vented door can be closed while the Ozpig is alight providing both control and safety. Made from two steel doors, with stainless steel mesh between, the door effectively prevents host ash or embers from falling onto the ground – while still letting you enjoy the ambience of a crackling fire.

Use your hotplate lifter to easily latch/unlatch the door, and to open or close the vents to control the fuel burn rate and adjust the temperature of the cooking surface.

Open vents allow the flow of more oxygen for a hotter fire that’s perfect for high temperature cooking and for that great open fire feel. While closing the vents will reduce the fire’s burn speed and temperature. The Ozpig door is easily changed over by removing the pin on the door hinge, then simply adjust the gap between the edge of the door and your pig evenly and tighten the locking nuts.



In Use Dimensions: 18.5L x 18.5W x 8H cm
Packed Dimensions: 18.5L x 18.5W x 8H cm
Material: Powder Coated Steel
Weight: 1.06 Kg
Warranty: 1 Year


Brand: OzPig