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OZPIG Rotisserie Kit

OZPIG Rotisserie Kit
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13th August 2019

The OZPIG Rotisserie Kits helps to get the perfect camp roast meal.  The rotisserie kit can be paired with the chargrill and drip tray, allowing you to grill your vegetables whilst the meat is cooking. Note Chargrill tray pictured is not included.

This kit is the perfect accessory for cooking mouth-watering meats with that genuine wood-fired flavour. Plus you can set your roast up in minutes and then sit back and relax while it cooks.

The kit has everything you need for a legendary spit roast! Simply skewer your meat through the middle, push the prongs into the side of the meat and tighten the thumbscrews. Next place your meat onto the custom design brackets, which slot securely into the lugs on each side of the Ozpig. With two different height levels, you can move your roast closer to - or further from - the heat for the perfect result. Then switch on the battery-operated motor to turn the roast and get those juices flowing!

The kit is quickly dismantled for easy cleaning and storage and the smart design lets you to still use your side plates while roasting. Plus the rotisserie can be paired with the chargrill and drip tray, allowing you to grill vegetables while your meat cooks.

Set the rotisserie up over an open fire or use the heat bead basket to cook with natural charcoal for a smoky flavor. Get creative with your marinades, add some rosemary spears to the coals or baste your meat with garlic butter – the flavour options are endless.


Brand: OzPig