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OZPIG Extra Larg Warning and Cooking Plate

OZPIG Extra Larg Warning and Cooking Plate
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13th August 2019

The OZPIG Extra large 340 x 255 surface area of this warming tray keeps your food warm or you can slow cook with ease by placing your camp oven on this tray.

Cooking up a storm for a hungry crowd is a breeze with this optional oversized plate. At 340mm x 255mm the larger surface area offers endless cooking options and increased versatility, with maximum heat in the centre of the plate.

Use the extra-large tray directly on top of the Ozpig, or on the side as a generous sized warming tray.

With the plate’s greater surface area – and straight sides – being in contact with the hot body of the Ozpig, it can also be used to hold a camp oven for slow, all-day cooking.

The dual warming and cooking plate fits easily in place with two locating pins which slot onto the side of your Ozpig.

Brand: OzPig