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OZPIG Heat Bead Basket

OZPIG Heat Bead Basket
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13th August 2019

The OZPIG Heat Bead Basket assists with controlling cooking time by bringing the heat directly under the cooking surface.

This custom made basket fits neatly into the top of your Ozpig to hold your charcoal, heat beads or briquettes providing an alternative heat source for cooking on. With the basket siting directly under the cooking surface it provides cooking versatility and greater heat control, while also using minimal fuel.

One of our most popular accessories, the basket can be used with all your favourite cooking methods – including chargrilling and rotisserie cooking, which requires even heat over a long period of time. Plus the basket lets you ‘measure out’ just the right amount of heat, giving you extra heat or a cooler temperature for cooking delicate items like cakes. Just add or remove heat beads/charcoal to increase or reduce the temperature as required.

The basket is also handy when you only want to prepare a small fire, using twigs or kindling, to cook up a quick breakfast or boil the kettle for a cuppa. Buy an extra basket to use on the side warming plate and you instantly have another cooking surface. The basket design has a slot in the side and a lug inside the basket so it can be easily lifted on and off the Ozpig with the plate-lifting tool.

Brand: OzPig