NoBites Adult DEET Free personal Insect Repellent

06th September 2023

Natural. Plant-based. And, it works. Use NoBites™, and biting insects will treat you like the plague. With no DEET, our formulation is completely safe, even for the little ones. Scientifically proven to be hard-hitting and effective in all sorts of environments. Think of NoBites™ as your personal shield against biting insects. Unlike other repellents on the market, NoBites™ not only smells great but once applied has a dry feel & doesn't leave an oily residue.

 • Vegan-friendly, long lasting, dermatologically tested, and cruelty-free

• Repels mosquitoes, black flies, sandflies, midges, stable flies for 6 hours and ticks up to 4 hours

 • Guards against contracting Malaria, Zika Virus, Dengue fever, Ross River virus, Lyme disease and other diseases caused by insect bites

• Safe for use in pregnancy

• APVMA APPROVED, Backed by Centres for Disease Control (CDC) & World Health Organisation (WHO)