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Maxi Lock Extra Large Security Box

Maxi Lock Extra Large Security Box
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31st January 2020

Maxi Lock extra large security box with shackle keeps your valuable items safe.  It is a durable, all-metal combination padlock with a large compartment that will allow your to store modern key sets and other small items.  It has a soft rubber backing to protect your surfaces.

Maxi Lock Applications

  • Maxi Lock can be easily attached to a secure structure (fixed rail, pipe, pole or similar bar) around the home, office or vehicle or anywhere that you can easily and safely position a padlock.
  • Ideal if you need to leave your home, office or vehicle and do not wish to take your keys with you.
  • Maxi Lock is useful when family, friends or workmates need access to your home, office, car, work vehicle, work site or maintenance shed.

Set your own combination.

External size is 8cm (w) x 12 (h) x 2.5 (d) cm


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