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BARNETT Centershot Compound Bow 17lb

BARNETT Centershot Compound Bow 17lb

30th December 2020

The Barnett Centershot Compound Bow 17lb helps introduce new archers to the sport and challenge advancing marksmen to sharpen their skills.   Start them off right with the Barnett Centershot Compound Bow. The True ambidextrous shoot-through riser fits all archers both left or right handed with no adjustment required. Ideally suited to children in the 5-8 year age bracket for target shooting.


  • Barnett Centershot Compound Bow
  • Arrow Rest
  • Two arrows & quiver
  • Adjustable sight pin

Barnett Centershot Compound Bow Features:

  • Compound bow
  • Ambidextrous riser
  • Soft touch reinforced grip
  • Draw Weight: 17lb
  • Draw Length: 18-23"
  • Colour: Black Lime
Order Code: BAR200STR