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BIG Boar Wok

BIG Boar Wok
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25th November 2018

The Big Boar Wok allows for great versatility of cooking.  Fits directly into the top of the stove.

Wok on with this high-quality spun steel wok, custom-made to fit perfectly on the top of your Ozpig. From a quick stir-fry to a hearty fish fry, this wok is a versatile camp side friend.

Placed directly on the Ozpig it’s perfect for Asian-style cooking, deep frying, cooking pasta or rice - or use it with a steamer basket for healthy seafood dishes. Then turn it upside down and it fits snugly over the BBQ plate to create an instant pizza oven!

The perfect fit means that it’s nice and stable when cooking, while the stay cool timber handle protects your hands. Plus it hangs neatly on the Ozpig tool rack when not in use.

Brand: OzPig