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BIG BOAR Kettle 4 litre stainless steel

BIG BOAR Kettle 4 litre stainless steel
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22nd November 2019

Big Boar ‘No.9’ 4.0 litre capacity kettle with whistle. Made with a 201 grade stainless steel.

There’s nothing more satisfying than a whistling kettle boiling over an open fire. And this little beauty is both functional and good-looking. With a big 4 litre capacity and its  3.2mm of aluminium with an iron core, designed to maximise the transfer of heat across the entire kettle surface, reducing boiling time, it will efficiently boil enough water in one go for everyone’s cuppa.

Because this kettle is sure to become a favourite, we have designed it to last with a double thickness, heavy-duty aluminium base to protect it from many years of continuous use. Unlike many products on the outdoor market, our high-quality kettle is engineered to go the distance – just like your Ozpig.

So sit back and admire your Big Boar kettle until that whistle blows.


Brand: OzPig