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ALTEGRA 3m x 6m Marquee Custom Printing

04th November 2023
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Available pre-order only.

Custom Printing of ALTEGRA 3m x 6m Marquees.

Printing of Marquees can only be done at time of purchase.

Price on application.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a high-end commercial printing method that produces true continuous tones deeply embedded into fabric fibres. It is a customisation method that uses heat and high pressure to transfer colour in gas form from a pre-printed substrate (similar to a photo) deeply permeating the fibres of the receiving fabric with exceptional precision. The results are life-like images, laser-sharp lines, and lustrous colours – a striking finish.

In contrast, inkjet printers apply droplets of dye onto fabric to produce colour variation, like how most TV’s produce their picture. If you look close enough to your TV, you can see each LED or pixel of colour. Whilst modern inkjet printers have high DPI count, we still expect more for our customers.

Sublimation for Canopies

When used for the purpose of customising marquee canopies and walls, sublimation printing on Polyester delivers colours and designs that last in the harsh Australian sun. Sublimation produces fabric that effectively embodies colour natively – like our skin tone. ALTEGRA also coat their canopies with a UV treatment as an additional precaution and care for customers. As a result, the colours are less prone to fading or cracking delivering long-lasting, eye-catching brand representation for your team or business.

15-years of research

Through our 15-year journey ALTEGRA have maintained a mission of ensuring the highest quality print and longevity standards for our custom marquees and canopies. ALTEGRA have seen many successful tests to our customisation program but have also worked through the downside of those that have fallen short of our high standards. Sublimation thermal transfer on polyester has never resulted in disappointment and continues to be the gold-standard for this custom branding application. 


Sublimation ensures enhanced precision, longevity, and a striking finish to your branded canopy form-fitted to the quality ALTEGRA marquee.

Casey Stoner fields queries supported by SRAM and their custom Altegra canopy