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ELEMENTAL Touring Walking Pole

ELEMENTAL Touring Walking Pole

28th September 2018

The ELEMENTAL Touring Walking Pole has a traditional walking stick handle.  The shaft is constructed from Duraluminium 6061, has adjustable wrist strap, anti-shoe spring system that lessens impact on the arms and upper body.  It has an adjustable length from 66 to 135cm.

  • Dimensions: Adjustable length from 68 to 135cm
  • Constructed from Duraluminium 6061
  • 2-stage anti-shock locking system lessens impact
  • Adjustable wrist loop
  • Carbide pole tip
  • Rubber pole tip cap
  • Rubber foot and small basket
  • PP and EVA with cork handle


Hiking poles are also known as trekking poles, hiking sticks, walking poles or nordic poles.  They are used to assist bushwalkers to maintain stability on rough terrain, and if used correctly can provide rhythm to the waking pace.  Hiking poles can reduce impact stress on legs and the lower joints –hips, knees and ankles.   Bush walkers tend to learn forward when carrying a pack, and this weight is born on a bent spine that can lead to neck and back pain.  Hiking poles promote a more erect posture that improves respiration and also straightens the spine so that they load can be carried more safely.

For the non-bushwalker, recent studies suggest that walking with poles can burn up to 20 percent more calories than regular walking.  Because you are using your arms and activating the upper body; this strengthens your upper body muscles, improves balance and coordination and cardio respiratory fitness.  Apart from improving your walking experience – just being outdoors can enhance your mood and emotional wellbeing. 


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