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SUREBURN Environmentally Friendly Firelighters

SUREBURN Environmentally Friendly Firelighters

26th September 2021

SUREBURN Firelighters are the eco-alternative to conventional firelighters and will not only get your fire started, but are better for you, your family and the environment.   BAIRNSDALE Owned an Operated.

Unlike conventional firelighters, Sureburn Firelighters contain NO hydrochloric acid or formaldehyde. Sureburn Firelighters have created a superior product using all natural products combined with a vegetable based wax which makes them environmentally friendly and waterproof, perfect for camping. Even the packaging is environmentally friendly.


  • all natural ingredients
  • non toxic
  • easy to light
  • waterproof
  • no residue when handled
  • environmentally friendly
  • contain no petroleum products
  • have no smell
  • do not crumble
  • longer than average burning time
  • all packaging used is completely biodegradable

6 x $4.95 packs = $29.70 plus postage $16.10 = $45.80

1 Box of 20 packs ($4.45each pack) =  $89.00 plus postage $24.65 = $113.65



Brand: SureBurn
Order Code: SureBurn