Storm Damage to Tent, Gazebo or Sun Shelter

20th October 2023

There is currently a misconception in the market place that damage caused to a tent, gazebo or sun shelter during a storm or bad weather is covered by warranty.

Please note the following:

  1. Storm and weather damage is not covered by warranty
  2. Storm and weather damage is the responsibility of the owner
  3. Insurance should be considered to cover possible storm and weather damage.
  4. Where possible we will try to assist customers whose tents are damaged with repairs of parts at a nominal cost.

Please treat your tent as a valuable possession like a car or house.  Although your product is made from premium materials, just like your car or house it can still be damaged by storms weather, age, etc.

Look after your tent, gazebo and sun-shelter as you would a car or house and insure it against possible damage.

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