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Simpson Desert The Outback Travellers Track Guide

Simpson Desert The Outback Travellers Track Guide

04th January 2014

The Simpson Desert is a hazardous and remote location, yet attracts four week driver and motorbike riders by the hundreds annually.  Today those seeking the challenges of the desert, traverse the 1100 sand dunes and may other tracks. The Simpson Desert offers and insight into some of Australia's toughest red sand dune country, however, such a trip should never be taken lightly.  Travellers should be well prepared for such and adventure and must have adequate 4WD knowledge and recovery skills. Wild camels and dingos roam throughout the area with eagles overhead and large perentie seen on rare occasions.

Locations:  Mount Dare, Dalhousie Springs, Birdsville.


  • Enlarged sections of track
  • Track Notes
  • GPS co-ordinates
  • Distances to and from your origin
  • Photographic references
  • Specific Landmarks
  • Elevations
  • Fuel - Food - Water
  • Camping and Accommodation
  • Emergency UHF radio channels
  • Contact Details
  • Points of reference
  • Road cautions
  • Surrounding roads and tracks.


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