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HEMA Reasons to Use A Paper Map

HEMA Reasons to Use A Paper Map

25th September 2014

Rob Boegheim has been at the helm of Hema’s push towards digital navigation as the company's managing director, overseeing the rapid rise in popularity and capability of Hema’s digital products.   However despite the growing benefits of digital navigation, 25 years of exploring Australia with Hema Maps has taught Rob why traditional paper maps are an essential part of guiding touring, camping and four-wheel drive adventures. 

Trip planning

“A paper map is still the best way to get the big picture for any trip, something which digital technology is yet to fully replicate.” says Rob Boegheim, who has planned countless trips in his 25 years as part of Hema Maps and the Hema Map Patrol.

A folded map simplifies trip planning with its unbeatable scope, making it the ideal starting point for planning anything from a one-vehicle weekender or a convoy Cape trip. Over the years as a professional explorer, Rob has had to meticulously plan trips in different regions and with different time spans, honing his process over that time. Yet, despite the availability of both Hema Navigators and mobile apps, his method begins with the unfolding of a map.

“Every trip I do, I start with a paper map because it shows me how things are supposed to work over the course of the trip. That’s the basis of everything that follows.” he says.

Indeed, a paper map’s visual real estate informs travellers what route to take, distances and overall expectations for an adventure, so involving one in these decisions will give you a broader perspective to work with when planning.

Expecting the unexpected

A paper map’s size and physicality works twofold when it comes to dealing with unexpected and unaccounted emergencies.

“There’s always been two ways of navigation, spatially and directionally. Looking at something that captures a region like a paper map before a trip and at the start of each day means that when I’m on the road I always have an imprint in my mind of what is next.” Rob says, who trusts the overview of a paper map to plan alternative travel options in the event of time delays, mechanical issues or otherwise.

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