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JURO Strike Pro Reaction Bait Red Wriggler

JURO Strike Pro Reaction Bait Red Wriggler

14th July 2017

TRIKE PRO Reaction Baits are scientifically activate fish senses, attracting them to the baits using  pheromone fusion.  These baits out fish both live and dead baits.  Strike Pro Reaction Baits are the better bait alternative.

A realistic worm pattern that imitates a Sand, Blood or Tube worm. The worm is deadly on Bream, Whiting and a host of estuary species

Red Wriggler 2" worms. 24 pieces per bag.

  • Pheromone fusion's natural pheromone technology promotes aggressive fish behaviour
  • Biodegradable eco friendly soft baits
  • Use as a lure or as a bait. Fish will eat Reaction Baits if they are being worked as a lure, or, if they are being fished like a dead bait.
  • Leaves a scent trail in the water which attracts and triggers fish into a feeding frenzy
  • To recharge pheromone formula, replace and store in original bag to recharge pheromones into baits.

Product of New Zealand