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GASMATE Cast Iron 2 Ring Burner with LCC27 Safe Lok Regulator & Hose

01st February 2024
Order Code RB2SL
GASMATE Cast Iron 2 Ring Burner with LCC27 Safe Lok Regulator & Hose.  The Gasmate 2 Ring Gas Burner is ideal for any type of cooking, and work to their best potential when cooking with larger pots and higher heat output is required. Constructed from heavy–duty cast iron and fitted with brass valves.
Supplied with the new industry standard LCC27 Safe Lok® Regulator and Hose.
A new gas cylinder valve has been rolled out to increase safety when it comes to using the “leisure-sized” (existing POL – 4Kg & 9Kg) gas cylinders that are typically used for barbecues and low pressure appliances. The LCC27 (Leisure Cylinder Connection Type 27) system reduces the risk of accidental gas leakage from “leisure-sized” LPG cylinders (not including the vertical 3/8” camping valve cylinder). It has built-in safety features such as a back check valve. This ensures that gas will not flow unless the valve is connected to the hose assembly and tightened fully.
In line with this, we are excited to introduce some new Gasmate Safe Lok® gas cylinders, gas hose and regulators.
The new Gasmate Safe Lok gas cylinder, incorporating the LCC27 system, is manufactured to meet all Australian Standards. Its black coloured cylinder valve hand wheel easily sets it apart from existing POL cylinder connections. Suitable for your outdoor heater, outdoor BBQ and low pressure gas camping stove appliances, Safe Lok® is safe to use for your barbecuing, camping and caravan needs.
The new Gasmate Safe Lok LCC27 cylinder connection has a larger and easy to use right threaded handwheel, making it more intuitive to connect and easier to tighten. The pressure regulator has thermal cut-off which will stop the gas flow in case of fire. Fitted with a 600mm long hose, it suits appliances with ¼” BSP or ⅜” BSP manifold threads. It also includes an adaptor that converts ¼” BSP female to ⅜” BSP female.
Since the LCC27 valve and connections are meant for LPG leisure cylinders, larger LPG cylinders used for domestic connections will not be affected by the change. The LCC27 valve can still be used with existing appliance connections, and empty cylinders can be swapped for a full cylinder with the correct valve.

2 ring burners provide 18.5 MJ/h of high heat

Includes LCC27 Safe Lok regulator & hose
Ideal for camping, use only on the solid ground that is non-combustible
Suitable for cooking at home where larger pots and a higher heat output is required – convenient for cooking sauces, crabs, lobster or any shell fish
Made from high quality cast iron with brass controls
Outlet: ¼” BSP thread
Propane use only

Gas certified to Australian Standards



2 Ring Cast Iron Ring Burner


Brass controls


18.5 MJ/h

Output BTU


Gas Consumption 360 g/h

Overall dimensions (cm)

L 43 x W 20 x H7