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PORTASOL Portable Toilet Sanitiser 1L

PORTASOL Portable Toilet Sanitiser 1L

05th September 2019

PORTASOL Portable Toilet Sanitiser is a powerful Anti-Bacterial Waste breaker and Sanitiser.  Works in Fresh or Salt Water.

  • A powerful sanitiser that breaks down waste in portable toilets
  • Suitable for use in both fresh water tanks and waste holding tanks
  • Concentrate formula that cleans and deodorises
  • Ideal for motor homes, caravans, buses, marine, camping and building sites
  • Neutralises odours with pleasant bubblegum fragrance
  • Biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • Antibacterial and germicidal
  • Works in Fresh or Salt Water
  • Size: 1L

PORTASOL Portable Toilet Sanitiser Directions:

For fresh or salt water fed portable toilets, add Portasol directly into cleaning holding tanks at a rate of 100ml of Portasol for every 50 litres of tank capacity.

For portable toilets with recirculating water systems, add additional 150ml of Portasol to the above dosage initially.  Replenish Portasol as required.

Waste treated with Portasol is normally disposable to sewwrage or septic systems.

Brand: Companion Leisure
Order Code: POR-1L