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OUTDOOR MAGIC Electric 240V Motor Spit Kit

OUTDOOR MAGIC Electric 240V  Motor Spit Kit
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25th September 2020

The OUTDOOR MAGIC Electric 240V Motor Spit Kit is rated to 12.5kg and has auto reverse and stainless steel heat shield on motor.

Incudes new motor mount and spit shaft support brackets, and guide bush at motor end of shaft for bearing support and motor protection.

Shaft lengths include: 2 x 490mm long, and 2 x 160mm long - allowing multiple shafts lengths of 320mm or 650mm, or 980mm, or 1140mm.

Kit includes:

1 x spit motor 240V - 12.5kg rated

1 x spit shaft 490mm (male point)

1 x spit shaft 490 (male-female)

1 x spit shaft 160mm (male-point)

1 x spit shaft 160mm (male-female)

2 x prongs with thumbscrews

1 x handle

1 x motor bracket

1 x alternative motor bracket

1 x shaft support bracket

1 x bush with thumbscrew

1 x short bush without thumbscrew

6 fixing bolts, nuts and washers

Brand: Outdoor Magic
Order Code: OM2017-8JD