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OSA Brands Mystical Fire Crystals

OSA Brands Mystical Fire Crystals

22nd November 2019

Simply drop the complete un-opened packet of Mystical Fire Crystals into the fire and watch with amazement as the flames turn from boring into a rainbow of colours. It turns your flames into red, green, blue and purple. A unique way to enjoy a brilliant display of colourful flames on wood burning fires.  Each packet costs $3.95.

Can be used on camp fires, backyard fire pits, indoor fire place. For best results it is recommended to use 1 - 3 packets at the same time. Coloured flames last up to 30 minutes per packet of crystals.

The test team at Bairnsdale Camping and Outdoors tried this product on an open fire.  One packet was thrown on, and the colourful flames lasted close to 30 minutes. Highly recommended.

  • Caution! Irritant. Harmful if swallowed.

Brand: OSA Brands