MIRAGE Sphinx Knife 27cm

19th July 2024
Order Code K02

MIRAGE Sphinx Knife 27cm.   Large multi purpose knife with hammer end.

• Yellow handle, black case
• Large multi-purpose knife with hammer end
• Polymer sheath with locking ring
• Overall length 27cm, blade length 14cm
When purchasing knives and multi tools in Australia, it is the buyers responsibility to ensure they comply with the laws in their state.
You cannot carry or possess a knife or multi tool for defence as a lawful excuse and you must familiarise yourself with the law relating to purchasing and posessing knives prior to purchasing.
By purchasing knives and/or multi-tools (containing knives), the buyer agrees that they are over the age of 18 years. The buyer also agrees that they are in compliance with their local laws pertaining to the purchase of knives and multi-tools (containing knives)
For more information on these laws, please use the following links:
ACT Prohibited Weapons Act 1996
NSW Prohibited Weapons Act 1998
NT Weapons Control Act 2001
QLD Weapons Act 1990
SA Summary Offences Act 1953
TAS Police Offences Act 1935
VIC Control of Weapons Act 1990


WA Weapons Act 1999