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COLEMAN Jug 5.5 litre Extreme

COLEMAN Jug 5.5 litre Extreme
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16th January 2021

The COLEMAN Jug 5.5 litre Extreme is made from high quality polyurethane foam that delivers superior insulation.  This jug has a big mouth drinking and pouring spout and also a convenient drinking cup that is also the lid.

  • High quality polyurethane foam delivers superior insulation
  • Ergonomic design with high density polyethylene shell enhances cooling and durability
  • Convenient drinking cup/ lid provided
  • 'Big Mouth' drinking and pouring spout for quick thirst quenching and easy pouring
  • Quality tap for no lift pouring
Dimensions: 19 x 22 x 33cm
  • Outer: High Density Polyethylene

Inner: Polyurethane Foam


Brand: Coleman
Order Code: 1381609