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Gunbarrel Highway The Outback Travellers Track Guide

Gunbarrel Highway The Outback Travellers Track Guide

03rd January 2014

Mapping of the Gunbarrel Highway is broken into strip maps that are designed for traversing the tracks in the area.


Wiluna, Carnegie HS, MT William Lambert, Mt Nossiter, Mangkili Claypan, Geraldton Bore, Everard Junction, MT Beadell, Camp Beadell, Notabilis Hill, Heather Highway, Warburton.


  • Enlarged sections
  • Track notes
  • Elevations
  • Land marks
  • Contact details
  • Relevant touring symbols

For the traveller and explorer in us, this track guide provides a unique visual reference for both the novice and experienced individuals, families and groups. Using photography, track notes and mapping, the Outback Travellers Track Guide is a companion to sheet maps, offering a closer look at what is out there, where to find it and how to get there safely. With the aid of sectioned, colour coded track information, cautions along the track are brought to your attention to help avoid unnecessary problems. Hazards in the form of crests and dips in the road, creeks, flood ways, river crossings and tight corners are highlighted to avoid potential accidents. Wandering stock and native animals can be road hazards at the most unlikely times, caution must be taken to look out for these animals. The Outback Tracks can be a beautiful experience if you slow down and take the time to stop and enjoy the geographical features and pioneering endeavours left as a reminder of the early spirit of adventure.


Laminated board cover. Spiral bound. 24 - 32 pages. 250mm X 180mm. Colour photographs and maps.


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