COGHLANS Grommet Kit

19th December 2023
Order Code COG8812
Brand Coghlan's
COGHLANS Grommet Kit.  Nickel-plated iron grommets for canvas, plastic, leather, cotton or synthetic fabrics. 
Kit contains: 20 - 3/8” (9.5 mm) grommets, cutting tool, insert punch and setting die.


1.  Always fold material, creating a hem. Mark location for holes.
2.  Place a wood block under the material. Place the cutting tool over the mark and strike with a wooden or plastic mallet.
3.  Place grommet (post up) on base. Center the hole in material over the grommet.
4.  Place washer rounded side up over grommet and material.
5.  Insert Punch into tube. Strike firmly with ball peen hammer; rotate punch 1/4 turn in between strikes until grommet and washer fit tightly to material.