GASMATE Deluxe Butane Heater 6,700 BTU

19th March 2024
Order Code CBH100
Brand Gasmate
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The Deluxe Butane Heater by Gasmate features an easy to use electronic ignition and gives you a high heat output of 6,700 BTU. It comes fully assembled in the box, all you need to do is add 1 AA battery and connect a Gasmate bayonet butane cartridge.
And with 4 safety features built into this heater, you won't want to go camping without it!


Portable and compact, weighing only 2.15kg

High heat output delivering 6,700 BTU

Features an easy start electronic ignition

Convenient fold down carry handle

4 safety features: Oxygen Depletion System, Flame Failure Safety System, Tip Over Switch, Pressure Sensing Shut Off System




Deluxe Butane Heater


Electronic Ignition

MJ/h Rate 7MJ/h
BTU Rate 6,700
Gas Consumption 140g/h

310 W x 180 D  x 280 H (mm)

Weight 2.15kg


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