CAMELION Travel Lite Mini LED Lantern 35 lumens

29th August 2023
Order Code CAT2011
Brand Power DC

LED Lantern Effective Lighting 360° lighting with light diffuser. The 1W High Power LED provides outstanding illumination, high energy efficiency.    35 lumens. RED colour only.

Upto 35 hours runtime.

Standby Yellow LED to save energy costs.

Handy Easy grip, adjustable handle with hook.

Durable Construction Slim with non-topple base.

2 Mode Lighting Standby and Full Beam lighting modes for different situations.

Rubber booted push switch Best for: Camping, outdoors, children's quarters

LED/Bulb Type SuperBright LED LEDs 1 Brightness 35LM

Battery Mode 4 x AA

Body Material Plastic Included Batteries

Single Pack (mm) 112 x 112 x 138 

SL2011 - 4R6PCB

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