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HEMA 4WD Adventures

HEMA 4WD Adventures

27th June 2014

Discover Australia's Top 100 journeys and getaways with 4WD Adventures, the ultimate guide for the greatest 4WD trips in Australia. The trips are each covered in extensive detail and colour-coded for easy reference, with detailed inset maps to display each route. The book is written by some of Australia's top four-wheel driving enthusiasts and experienced travel writers, including Ian Glover, Chris Boden, Andrew Hemming, Owen Peake, Mike and Jane Pelusey, Allan Whiting and Vic Widman. The knowledge and experience that went into writing each trip description makes 4WD Adventures perfect for intending travellers to use when planning a trip and while actually touring, as well as being an inspiration to those dreaming about travelling.

  • 100 4WD trips featured
  • Complete trip coverage
  • Detailed inset maps
  • Facility information for nearest supply points and camping areas
  • Tracks colour-coded by vehicle type
  • Hema Road Atlas
  • Edition 1
  • Publication Date: 01/09/12
  • Publisher: Hema Maps
  • Product Format: Guide Book
  • Unfolded Size (wxh): 480x297mm
  • Cover Size (wxhxd): 240x297x30mm
  • Page Count: 464
  • Weight: 1.71kg
Brand: ABC Maps