ALTEGRA 3 X 6m Solid Wall Kit - 6 pieces

04th November 2023

Available pre-order only:

What You're Getting

– 2x Altegra 3m Solid Wall.
– 2x Altegra 3m Door Wall.
– 2x Altegra 3m Window Walls.
– Nylon Carry bag.

Altegra canopy colouring icon

Available Colours

Stock colour range for the Altegra 3x6m Marquee Wall Kit:
Altegra 3m available stock colours - choose from our range of 7 stock gazebo canopy and wall colours. All are UPF50+ Excellent sun protective shelters and are covered by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Need more colour? Choose custom printing for a full custom canopy!