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East Gippsland Rivers and Lakes Fishing Report for 21st January 2021

21st January 2021
FISHING REPORT:  Thursday 21st of January
Please note that both the Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale Visitor Information Centres
are Agents for Issuing Recreational Fishing Licenses.
Lakes Entrance
Whiting are still about in good numbers around 47cm mark. In all the usual spots, with
best baits pip’, fresh prawn and small pieces of squid. Town jetties for mullet and
trevally on squid and prawn and fresh pilchards. Plenty of king fish along the rock wall
to Kalimna jetty taking all baits presented. Surf has been wild and wolly off shore.
Lake Tyers
Bream and flathead are around the island and heading up towards Nowa Nowa, also
try the Mill Point drop off area near the power lines, best results using large prawns and
blue bait.
Mitchell River
Flathead are around the river mouth and into Lake King, best results using soft plastics,
bream are to be found around the bluff and down towards Stevenson’s point on crab,
shrimp and prawn.
Tambo River
Try the Cliffs and Rough road and also Reynolds road down to the snags and tambo
light, Salties Creek is also worth a look for bream on drifting prawn and live shrimp.
Between the two bridges and the swimming hole and down to the river mouth for bream
with a floating or drifting prawn, also try soft plastics.
Whiting sand and king George are cruising around Metung and shaving point and into
lake king best baits being small pieces of squid and pip’s.
Plenty of whiting are about Paynesville on pips and small pieces of squid. Flathead are
at progress Jetty and at the back of Raymond Island taking prawn and soft plastics.
Holland’s Landing
Whiting are a plenty at Point Wilson, best spot for bream at the time being is around
Seacombe Landing and are taking all baits presented to them, there is also odd
flathead as well.
Marlo River
system is fishing well for salmon and tailor on in coming tide. Surf beach has
been very windy.
Bemm River
Entrance is open in the channel and lake for bream and luderick surf beach for salmon
around 2kg mark on blue bait and poppers.
Tamboon Inlet
River mouth for bream on prawn and cut crab, football for trevall and pinkies on blue
bait and pilchards, lake have small bait prawns surf for salmon around 2kg blue bait
and poppers.
Top lake for bream and flathead on prawn and soft plastic’s bottom lake also have
bream, flathead and luderick on weed and surd for salmon.
Omeo High Country
Big river, Mitta-Mitta, Cobungra have low water levels but have some fish tanking
worm, hopper and soft plastics also try fly patience and metal lures.
For the latest information on the current Algae situation and ‘do not eat shellfish’ advisory,
please refer to the DEWLP Water website: and the DEWLP Customer Service Centre on 136186.
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