Backpacks and Bags

We stock a large variety of backpacks for long hikes into the wilderness, weekend camping trips, a day trip around town or just taking your books to school. There is also a broad selection of bags.

Day Packs

Whether you are stepping out on a day walk, walking the dog, walking on a busy street, or travelling light, a daypack can take whatever you throw at it.

Hiking and Rucksacks

A good quality Hiking or Rucksack is essential for the beginner or the advanced bushwalking who is going for a hike for more than a day.

Hunting Packs and Gear Bags

Hunting Packs and Gear Bags are essential for the hunter that wants to blend into their surroundings.  Made of quite material.

Hydration Packs

Why stop when you need to have a drink.  A Hydration Pack is essential for the walker, runner, mountain biker or motor biker who doesn't have time to stop.  Hydration is an essential part of fitness and wellbeing.  Any dehydration is serious as it will take 24 to 36 hours to recover from the effects.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder Bags

Travel Packs

A Travel Pack is your home away from home.  Our Travel Packs are suitable for travellers heading off on an adventure overseas or for a quick weekend trip.  Features include a detachable daypack and a zipper harness cover for protection in transit.

Trolley, Duffle and Gear Bags

Trolley, Duffle and Gear Bags come in many forms.  All are ideal for travel or sports.


What we call waist packs are also known as bum bags and fanny packs.  Waist bags are a convenient way to carry your essentials such as money and passport with you whilst exercising, urban walking, or browsing in a crowed market.  Worn around the waist and in front of the body, they are difficult to be pick pocketed.

Waterproof and Weatherproof bags

Waterproof and Weatherproof bags are designed for a range of outdoor activities ranging from camping, four wheel driving, fishing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and most team sports.  Select from 100% waterproof to a water resistant style, roll top to zipper, barrel bag to duffle.