Sleeping Bags at Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors

The sleeping bag you choose for your outdoor camping trips will depend upon the season, the usual weather conditions and overnight temperature to be expected in the area where you usually camp. Another important consideration is whether you will be sleeping on a camp stretcher, inflatable mat or air bed to properly insulate yourself from the cold ground.

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Mannagum Montague Jumbo Camper
SAVE $10.00

MANNAGUM Passport Extreme Adult Sleeping Bag -5 rated

MANNAGUM Passport Sub Zero Adult Sleeping Bag

MANNAGUM Rottnest Adult Hooded Sleeping Bag
SAVE $5.00

DARCHE Cold Mountain Lite 0c 1100mm Wide Sleeping Bag
SAVE $25.00

OZTRAIL Blaxland Hooded Jumbo Sleeping Bag

OUTDOOR CONNECTIONS Jupiter Sleeping Bag 0c rated

OUTDOOR CONNECTION  Luna Adult Sleeping Bag -5c rated

EPE Buckley Adults Camper Sleeping Bag +5c rated
SAVE $7.00

EPE Buckley  Adults Hooded Sleeping Bag 0c rated

EPE Buckley Adults Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag -5c Rated

EPE Buckley Adults Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag 0c Rated

EPE Swag Bag Military -5c

EPE Buckley Kids Hooded Sleep Bag 0c rated

OZTRAIL Blaxland Camper Sleeping Bag -5c