Head Torches at Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors

Head torches are great for hands free night lighting while hiking, climbing, fishing, riding, working on equipment or just reading in bed. There are many LED head torches to choose from that vary in size and light power. Some feature rechargeable batteries.

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PERFECT IMAGE Dual CREE LED Rechargeable HeadTorch
SAVE $10.00

PERFECT IMAGE Hi Powered Zoom 400 Lumens Headlight
SAVE $10.00

WALTHER Pro HL17 405 lumens Head Torch
SAVE $10.05

COLEMAN Headlamp CHT10
SAVE $12.00

Lumens, Illuminance, Foot Candles and bright shiny beads

COLEMAN Vanquish 300 lumens Rechargeale Headlamp
SAVE $30.00

PERFECT IMAGE Zoom Flash Light