LED Lanterns and Lights at Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors

These battery powered portable LED Lanterns and Lights are super bright and energy efficient with various power modes. Some are rechargeable and the LED's will last many years.

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PERFECT IMAGE COB LED 1000 Lumens Lantern

Lumens, Illuminance, Foot Candles and bright shiny beads

COLEMAN CPX6 Millenia Lantern 1000 lumens
SAVE $35.00

PERFECT IMAGE CREE LED Ultra Bright Prawn or Flounder Light 250 Lumens

CAMELION COB LED Rechargeable Work Light

PERFECT IMAGE LED Rechargeable Multifunction Worklight and Torch

PERFECT IMAGE Triangle COB Worklight

LED Hurricane Lantern

PERFECT IMAGE Eco Light 1W 25 lumensLED camping light with hanging hook