Camp Stoves, BBQ's, Spits and Accessories at Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors

There are many different camping stoves and BBQ's to choose from. Bushwalkers will need a small and compact stove that is easy to carry, while campers usually prefer a multi burner gas stove or BBQ. We also stock a complete range of pans, gas bottles, hoses and accessories.  12V and 240V Spit Kits and spit motors.

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PRIMUS Two Burner Butane Stove
SAVE $15.00

COGHLANS Magnesium Fire Starter

OSA Brands Mystical Fire Crystals

COGHLANS Four Slice Camp Stove Toaster


COGHLANS Deluxe Broiler

COGHLANS Extension fork

OZPIG Extension Leg Kit

ROME Wilderness Hamburger Griller

TRANGIA 25 1 Ultra Light complete cooking system

COGHLANS Flint Striker

SLOT ME IN Wedge Fire Pit Combo Kit
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BIG BOAR Camp Oven 7 litre capacity

BIG BOAR Kettle 3 litre stainless steel

BIG BOAR Kettle 4 litre stainless steel

BIG Boar Wok

OZPIG Steel Body Cooker, BBQ, Stove and Heater

OZPIG Char Grill Plate and Drip Tray

OZPIG Custom Fit Cover

OZPIG Diffuser

OZPIG Chimney Offset Kit

OZPIG Enamel BBQ Plate

OZPIG Heat Bead Basket

OZPIG Extra Larg Warning and Cooking Plate

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