Camp Stoves, BBQ's, Spits and Accessories at Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors

There are many different camping stoves and BBQ's to choose from. Bushwalkers will need a small and compact stove that is easy to carry, while campers usually prefer a multi burner gas stove or BBQ. We also stock a complete range of pans, gas bottles, hoses and accessories.  12V and 240V Spit Kits and spit motors.

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OUTDOOR MAGIC 240v Electric Spit Motor

OUTDOOR MAGIC Barbecue Assessory Combo Pack

OUTDOOR MAGIC Gas Lighter with bendable neck

OUTDOOR MAGIC Adustable Grill Basket

OUTDOOR MAGIC Heavy Duty Rotisserie Prongs

Methylated Spirits

OUTDOOR MAGIC Pocket BBQ Thermometer

OUTDOOR MAGIC Adjustable Roast Cradle


OUTDOOR MAGIC Stainless Steel Locking Tongs

OUTDOOR MAGIC Wireless BBQ Thermometer

OUTDOOR MAGIC AC/DC Battery Barbecue Spit Motor

OUTDOOR MAGIC Electric 240V  Motor Spit Kit

OUTDOOR MAGIC Battery Spit Kit

COLEMAN Propane Stove Carry Case
SAVE $10.00

GASMATE Camping Stove Knobs 2 pack

BIG BOAR Camp Oven 7 litre capacity

COLEMAN Fyrelite Butane Gas Hiking Stove

COLEMAN Roadtrip 225 Table Top Grill
SAVE $30.00

GASMATE Single Non Stick Aluminum Grill Plate

GASMATE Deluxe Double Grill Plate
SAVE $5.00

GASMATE Travelmate II Deluxe Twin Stove with hotplate
SAVE $20.00

COLEMAN Peak 1 Hiking Stove

BIG Boar Wok

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