GASMATE Travelmate II Butane Stove

GASMATE Travelmate II Butane Stove
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The Gasmate Travelmate II Stove is an economical, highly efficient outdoor butane gas cooking stove. The high quality brass valve fittings ensure durability, long life and excellent performance.  It also has twin pressure safety devices. If over pressure occurs, the cartridge will eject and the gas supply cuts off.  This is Gasmate's premium butane stove.  Don't be fooled by the cheaper models.

  • Single burner provides 7.0 MJ/h of heat
  • Output BTU: 6,600
  • Gas Consumption: 150g/h
  •  Vitreous enamel spill tray
  • Wind protection for flame
  • Cartridge lock lever
  • Rotary piezo ignition
  • Uses 220g butane cartridge
  • Comes with a convenient carry and storage case


Brand: Gasmate
Order Code: CS400Y
05th October 2018