DIGITECH Metal Detector with 8 inch Waterproof Coil

DIGITECH Metal Detector with 8 inch Waterproof Coil
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The DIGITECH Metal Detector with 8 inch Waterproof Coil is ideal for beachcombing and prospecting as well as finding objects in obscure locations.

Capable of detecting a coin at up to 180mm depth it will detect a variety of metals, with three different tones to distinguish dissimilar metals. Operating at a low frequency of 6.6 kHz, the detector will only respond to metal objects and ignores the effects of iron ground mineralization, making it more accurate for locating at large depths.

Alternatively, the all-metal mode can be switched on to enable any underground metal traces detected and is signaled both optically and acoustically.

An extra large waterproof pick-up coil with its intricate two-dimensional helical winding technology enables very fine and precise measurements to be carried out while carrying it comfortably with the arm support.

•    Adjustable sensitivity
•    Deep target searching
•    3 Operation modes: All metal, Disc, Notch
•    Ferrous/Non-ferrous indicators
•    Waterproof search coil
•    Large LCD
•    3 Tones for different metal indication
•    One touch auto ground balance
•    Headphone jack
•    DSC and GND adjustment
•    Arm Support
•    2” Speaker

•    Power: Requires 2 x 9V batteries
•    Overall Length: 1250mm
•    Search Coil Dimensions: 205(Dia.) mm

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Order Code: QP2307
18th October 2018