BIG BOAR Camp Oven 7 litre capacity

BIG BOAR Camp Oven 7 litre capacity
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This heavy-duty camp oven has been engineered to withstand the bumps and knocks that are part of going off-road in the rugged Aussie outback. Made from heavy-duty 4mm black steel, this top of the range camp oven really is virtually indestructible! Unlike cast iron it won't crack or break if dropped, or if subjected to rapid temperature change.

Superior insulation means that it holds a tremendous amount of heat and evenly distributes it for cooking perfection. A specially machined lip on the lid locks the heat in for super-efficient cooking, while the extra deep lid design can hold a full shovel of hot coals. Plus strong, twin crossover handles keep this beauty stable when you’re lifting it.

With the oven’s huge 7 litre capacity you could feed the whole campsite with a hearty stew, casserole, soup or curry. The extra deep sides and the added height make it perfect for larger roasts and for baking cakes, dampers or bread. Put a high-legged stainless steel trivet in the bottom and you can maximise the airflow - for never fail cakes!

Brand: OzPig
22nd December 2018