OZTRAIL UltraMesh Tarp

OZTRAIL UltraMesh Tarp

The OzTrail Ultra Mesh Tarp was designed as a shade tarp, but because many camping parks require protection so that grass does not get damaged, they are now being used as an under-tent protection layer.


UltraMesh is a heavy duty UV stable shade cloth providing 95% blockout of sun rays.

Brass eyelets are located around the reinforced edging at 90 cm spacings.

A mesh carry bag for the tarp is supplied.

This shade tarp is often used as an under-tent protection layer to prevent damage to grass at the camp site.

There are 10 sizes ranging from 244 cm square up to 3.66 metres x 6.1 metres.

UM-0808 8 X 8 244 X 244CM $34.95/$29.95
UM-0812 8 X 12 244 X 366CM SOLD OUT
UM-0816 8 X 16 244 X 499CM SOLD OUT
UM-0820 8 X 20 244 X 610CM SOLD OUT
UM-1010 10 X 10 305 X 305CM SOLD OUT
UM-1016 10 X 16 305 X 488CM SOLD OUT
UM-1020 10 X 20 305 X 610CM SOLD OUT
UM-1212 12 X 12 366 X 366CM SOLD OUT
UM1216 12 X 16 366X 488CM SOLD OUT
UM-1220 12 X 20 366 X610CM SOLD OUT


Brand: OZtrail
Order Code: UltraMesh
24th December 2017