ALADDIN Essential Bullet Vacum Flask Stainless Steel 500ml

ALADDIN Essential Bullet Vacum Flask Stainless Steel 500ml

ALADDIN Essential Bullet Vacuum Flask Stainless Steel 500ml.  Double wall insulation and pour through stopper. Keeps hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.


  • Hot – 12 hours / Cold – 24 hours
  • Double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation
  • Pour through stopper
  • weight: 250g
  • height: 245mm
  • 10 year warranty - with receipt

Aladdin & Stanley

Please refer to the documentation the comes with the product

Claim Procedure

In order to be entitled to the make a warranty claim in relation to a defect in this product (“Defect”), your claim must be:

(a) delivered (at your cost) to either:
(i) the retailer where the product was purchased; or
(ii) Cambur Industries Pty Ltd head office (details below)

(b) in writing and legible containing specifics of the Defect;
(c) accompanied by a copy of the receipt for the purchase of product;
(d) filed within 30 days of the Defect becoming apparent;

Warranty Exclusions

Notwithstanding anything stated in this warranty, you are not entitled to make a warranty claim if:
(a) the product was used for non-domestic purposes (including commercial use); or
(b) the Defect arose as a consequence of use other than through ordinary or intended use of the product.
(c) the purchase of the product was made overseas .

The benefits to a purchaser under this warranty are in addition to the purchaser’s other legal rights and remedies in relation to the goods to which the warranty relates.

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Brand: Aladdin/Stanley
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18th June 2014